Everyone want to clean greasy range hood messes, right? Not exactly, but it’s a necessity in kitchens because grease build-up leads to fires. The sight alone, of greasy filters and range hoods is unappealing at best; however, once done, you’ll notice a significant difference in how well your fan sucks out grease fumes you probably didn’t know existed.

Let’s see how nasty range hoods get professionally cleaned.

Practice: How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood

First, make sure fans are off and stove is cleared of debris like pots and tea kettles. You’d rather take this step than clean more items after your hoods are done.

Some basic ingredients you’ll need include:

  • Degreasing dish soap, such as Dawn
  • Scrub brush
  • Boiling hot water
  • Dish cloth or heavy-duty paper towels
  • Baking soda (for rough jobs)

Once gathered, proceed to step one and begin cleaning!

  1. Use Boiling Water

To clean greasy range hood correctly, get water as hot as humanly possible. After removing your hoods, fill either large buckets or your sink full of extremely hot water, letting them sit for several minutes to bring grease to surface and allow any soot or food to break off.

Clean Greasy Range Hood

Add some baking soda to your water, scrubbing with your long-handled brush (to avoid burning skin). Since range hoods and filters are made of wire mesh, don’t put too much force – use just enough to be effective.

You can also add degreasing dish soap to your baking soda water to help boost removal of grease. Using a second sink, run water into the other side and rinse then repeat until cleaned.

  1. Use Degreasing Dish Soap

Using degreasing dish soap and hot water, by itself, is as effective in cleaning stuck-on grease as anything sold in the aftermarket. Dawn was designed for situations like this, so capitalize. It’s suggested that to clean greasy range hood properly, you should leave the soap and water solution to absorb into the grease-ridden hood or filter.

Product: What To Use To Clean a Greasy Range Hood

Many ways exist to clean greasy range hood messes, even those made of stainless steel.  To clean stainless steel range hoods, you’ll need a slightly different approach. Remember, stainless steel scratches easily and thus your traditional wire brushes should be avoided.

Using commercial cleaners, oils, a white vinegar-water combination, and good old fashioned hot water, you can protect the integrity of stainless steel range hoods while getting grease off.

  1. Water

Hot water on stainless steel helps replenish shine and works wonders to clean greasy range hood messes. Doesn’t take much scrubbing if letting hoods soak for an extended period of time.

  1. Oil

Certain types of oil work well on cleaning range hoods. Vegetable oils may seem counterproductive, but actually they work quite nicely in balancing the slick nature of caked-on grease. Honestly, not many cleaning companies would suggest using oils unless you’ve previously had success in removing grease with them.

  1. White Vinegar + Water

Vinegar and water is the wonder solution. Chemical properties of white vinegar react with grease to help break up even burned on grease stains. The best way to clean greasy range hood grossness would be to boil enough water to fill your sink, then put hood into piping hot water with two cups of white distilled vinegar. Apple cider vinegar may work, although we’ve not personally tested it.

  1. Commercial Cleaners

Some commercial cleaners exist that specifically target grease without much effort. They’re designed for spray and wipe messes, and can even get caked on messes to break loose. Search your preferred search engine or home improvement store to find chemicals designed to ameliorate greasy hoods.

The task of cleaning grease from anything is often more than people can handle. To clean greasy range hood quickly, make sure your water is hot and degreasing soap is used – unless you purchase commercial cleaners designed specifically to disintegrate grease.

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