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“I cannot say enough positive things about Jannet as a house cleaner.

We had gone through a number of cleaning agencies before we met Jannet.  In the past, we had always found ourselves disappointed.  When we met Jannet, however, it was exactly the opposite – everything is done right!…Hiring a cleaner can be a nerve-racking experience because you are letting someone into the privacy of your home.  Jannet is one of the most trustworthy people that I have met and it was never an issue for us.”

-David L.

“My ceiling fell through in my living room (you read that right) and so I called Janet for an ASAP cleaning.

Once my ceiling was repaired, Janet came over the next day and cleaned my place spotless. The team of two women got through the dust that was EVERYWHERE and my house looks better than it did when I moved in.

Call her – you won’t regret it”

-Sally Z.

“Gold Star Maids has really done all in their power to make everything right.

They scheduled a make up appointment with a great deal for us. In addition, the owner herself showed up to do the cleaning and did an incredible job on our incredibly dirty apartment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional and effective cleaning services, and plan on using their services in the future.”

-Erich K.

“These guys are great – reliable – very easy to communicate with – by email, text or phone.

Easy to pay online. And they do a great job! Very thorough. They are considerate about working around my son’s nap time. Reasonably priced. Overall, I highly recommend!”

-Marian H.

“I love Gold star Maids!!!

They are on time, very professional, and clean. They are my go-to cleaning service because they’re the best. My apartment always looks spotless and amazing. I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful trustworthy cleaning service. Thank so you much Gold Star Maids!!!”

-Demetria P.

The Gold Standard in Maid Service


Gold Star Maids helps you live smarter, giving you time to focus on what’s important.


All of our employees are highly trained and required to pass a background check.


Why? Because every time we do business with you we see it as a chance to amaze you.


You can reach us anytime via email, phone call or text message.


We use two-person teams to get your house clean quicker and better.


Emergencies happen. Notify us at least 24 hours in advance if possible and it’s all good.


Condo Cleaning Resources

Here at Gold Star Maids, we believe in a cleaner home, today. Check out some of our Condo Cleaning Resources on our Blog!

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