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What’s included:

ServiceRecurring CleaningDeep CleaningMove In / Move Out
Dust top of refrigerator
Clean and disinfect counter tops
Clean top and front of range
Clean outside of range hood
Clean inside of range hood
Heavy scrub of oven
Clean inside and behind refrigerator
Wipe down outside of cabinets
Clean individual knick-knacks
Clean and disinfect showers/tubs
Clean and disinfect toilets, base and behind
Clean vanity sink
Clean mirrors
Shine fixtures
Empty trash
Wipe down floor
Vacuum carpets and rugs
Heavy scrub of tile grout
Give extra attention to shower door
Clean doors/frames for fingerprints
Dust surfaces
Dust furniture
Dust baseboards, blinds, window sills
Vacuum carpets
Vacuum and mop floors (if non-carpets)
Make beds
Vacuum under bed
Wipe down ceilings fans
Wipe down blinds
Other Areas
Dust all surfaces
Dust baseboards, door panels
Remove cobwebs
Dust vents, blids, window sills and lock ledges
Dust furniture, pictures frames, lamp and lamp shades
Dust ceiling fans (within reach)
Dust and clean mirrors
Dust prominent knick-knacks
Vacuum carpets, floors and stairs
Mop floors
Empty all trash
Vacuum carpet edges
Wipe down ceiling fans
Wipe down blinds
Vacuum upholstery
Every knick-knack individually clean

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