The weekend is the perfect time to give your home or workplace a good clean! Well, this is an idea many people won’t be really enthusiastic about. Although our weekends are the time when we are free of all the other responsibilities and tasks we have to deal with during the working week, we prefer to use this free time for a bit more pleasurable activities rather than wandering around the house with a mop in one hand and vacuum cleaner in the other. Although we think that the reduced free time during the working week is not an excuse for not dealing with chores and an effective and successful cleaning system with only between 10 to 15 minutes a day is everything your house or workplace needs to look amazing and for you to maintain cleanliness and comfort, many people prefer to leave all the work for the weekend. And when the weekend comes around, they prefer to leave the work for the next weekend and keep procrastinating for… for the rest of the time! Although weekend cleaning sounds like a mood killer, it really does not has to be that way and you need just a bit of motivation and inspiration, so here are top 10 effective cleaning ideas for the weekend.

Get together all your tools

Gather together all the tools and products you may need for your weekend cleaning to avoid wandering around the house and losing precious time. Put everything in a bucket, organizing box, laundry basket, or whatever is most comfortable for you to bring it around with you while you clean.

Turn on your favorite tunes

Make a playlist with your favorite songs to set you in the right mood and make the whole cleaning process more enjoyable. Up-tempo songs will inspire you quickly work your way through the chores.

Have a methodology

Be organized in what has to be done. Do not start with one thing and change it fast to another until you do not complete the first one. Be methodical in the direction of your cleaning attack – start from the periphery of the space and work your way to the center of the house/room/office. Move around the perimeter clockwise. This will help you make sure that each and every nook and corner is cleaned to perfection.

Specialized tools and products

Use different types of clothes and products for different surfaces and materials so you can be sure that everything is cleaned properly and protected from discoloration and other possible issues. Use the different vacuum cleaner attachments for different occasions.

Wipe and move on

Don’t waste your time in scrubbing. If there are stubborn stains and dirt – leave them soaked in soapy water or treat them with the proper cleaning product, wait a few minutes and then come back to rinse the soapy residue.

Too much is not always better

Use the number of cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. Using too much doesn’t mean that you are making your fight against dirt more effective, it means that you are wasting some product.

Vacuum last

Work your dusting way from top to bottom and vacuum last, when everything else in the room is done.

Need help from a Professional?

With more than years in the home cleaning business, our maids have pretty much seen it all. No stain is too stubborn, no streak too enduring. Our maids not only have modern cleaning tools and equipment; they have the knowledge and experience needed to conquer even the messiest of messes. Rather than keep all of that knowledge to ourselves, we’re sharing our tips here to help homeowners keep their homes clean and tidy.

Every home needs an ongoing deep cleaning, with regular more extensive services. You won’t need to worry about who to call, as we perform them all. Speak to us about what you need.  Book now to schedule an appointment.



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