Staying on top of house cleaning duties can be quite the task, especially if you’re working during the day or raising a family. Anything outside of doing the laundry and washing the dishes can easily become daunting. So, you should ask the question: how much does a house cleaning service cost?

If you are looking into hiring a house cleaning service, we want to help you! Naturally the size of your home is going to be the main determining factor for the price you pay for your service. However, it may be an economically good idea to look into weekly or bi-weekly cleanings because many services will offer discounts and deals for returning customers.

The size of your home

Size of Home Adds Cost to House Cleaning

One of the most efficient ways to judge the size of your house for a cleaning cost is by the number of bedrooms you have. Generally, that is the main bases for the price of a house cleaning. (See more information on house cleaning size and pricing).

What type of cleaning are you interested in?

Deep Cleaning How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

If you are interested in basic weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, ask your service if they provide any discounts for recurring cleanings. Sometimes services provide deals and benefits for regular customers.

On the other hand, you may be looking to get your place deep cleaned or maybe you have a rental that needs to be totally cleaned out for your next renters. These cleanings will most likely cost more due to the time, effort, and supplies needed.

Ask your house cleaning service about extra fees

How Much Does a House Cleaning Service Cost

Do you have a pet? Some services may charge extra if you have a pet in the house.

Do you have a preference to the cleaning supplies that are being used? If you are particular about the supplies that are used in your home discuss this with your service and check that you will not need to buy your own supplies.

Is there a possibility that you will want to cancel or rescheduled your cleaning? Many cleaning services won’t charge for a cancelation but, nevertheless, you will want to check there is no extra fee if you do end up needing to cancel or reschedule.

Basic estimates

A common base rate for a house cleaning starts at $100 for a small house. Prices tend to raise $10-$20 per bedroom. If a service charges per hour the starting rates are usually between $25 and $35.

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